The First-Timers Guide to Cruise360

New to Cruise360? Here's the top five things you need to know to make the most of your experience.

  1. IMPORTANT: Build out Your Schedule in Advance!

    This is the single most important piece of advice we can give you. To take advantage of all that Cruise360 has to offer, you need to build out your schedule in advance. CLIA Seminars will fill up, and only those who are pre-registered will be able to attend (all others have to wait in line to see if there's any space available). By building out your schedule, you ensure a smoother experience that gets you to the ships and seminars you want to see.

  2. Enroll in Certification Before Cruise360 and Schedule a Career Counseling Session

    Thinking of getting your CLIA Certification? You can make significant progress towards all certification levels at Cruise360, and while you can absolutely sign up afterwards and have those CLIA seminars and Ship Inspections count towards your requirements, it’s a bit easier if you do it in advance. It also gives you the opportunity to plot out your ideal schedule to really maximize the experience. Need some help? Schedule a Career Counseling Session for a one-on-one consultation.

  3. Download the Cruise360 App

    Stay connected to your fellow attendees and the latest information onsite. It’s so much fun to see the happy, smiling faces of your fellow agents enjoying Cruise360. Plus, if any last-minute changes or announcements are made, they’ll be communicated through the app. Keep in mind, the schedule you built on Cruise360 does not connect with the app, but you can star the sessions on the app, if that helps you keep track of where you’re supposed to be.

  4. Bring Your Party Clothes and Get Ready to Have Some Serious Fun

    Cruise360 is more than just industry-leading professional development, Ship Inspections, and information-packed General Sessions. It's also a ton of fun! Your registration includes the Hall of Fame Awards Dinner, our gala event featuring fantastic 'cruise-style' entertainment that will literally have you dancing in the aisles. Bring your dancing shoes and don't be surprised if a spontaneous dance-party breaks out.