MYTH - Cruise360 is only a "cruise show".
FACT - Cruise360 is a global travel show! All components of the travel industry participate: destinations, technology providers, host agencies, insurance companies, hotels and lodging properties – the sky is the limit! Yes, cruising is important...but there is much, much more!

MYTH - It's just the same old agents year over year
FACT - More than 54% of the 2022 attendees were first-time attendees! They are excited to grow professionally and learn everything they can about all sectors of the travel industry! More than 51% of the 2022 attendees were pursuing or had achieved CLIA Certification, showing just how dedicated they are to constantly expanding their industry knowledge.

MYTH - Cruise360 is the same as it was 15 years ago.
FACT - CLIA has invested heavily in Cruise360, adding new components, refreshing offerings, and reimagining the entire experience. As a result, the Net Promoter Score, which measures how likely exhibitors are to recommend the show to others, has skyrocketed from 3 to 52. Exhibitors are excited, we are excited, and you should be excited too!

MYTH - My company can't attend because we are not CLIA Members.
FACT - While Cruise Line participation is limited to CLIA Cruise Line members, CLIA membership is not required for non-Cruise Line sponsors and exhibitors at Cruise360.

MYTH - It's only a Trade Show.
FACT - There is much more to Cruise360 than a Trade Show. There are various educational workshops, general sessions, receptions, the Hall of Fame Gala…the conference is jam-packed with activities!

MYTH - There is no professional development for me.
FACT - The Cruise360 general sessions are a wealth of information for the entire travel industry. Many exhibitors add the general sessions and Hall of Fame Gala to their registrations to stay current with industry trends and hear from travel industry leaders.

MYTH - CLIA agents only sell cruises.
FACT - CLIA agents sell cruise AND so much more!

For additional information, please contact Gale Collins, Director, Cruise360 Exhibitor Relations, at [email protected] or +1 703-341-9296.