Event Cruise to Travel with Celestyal Cruises
Date 4/4/2019
Time 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

Converting Non-cruisers by Selling Them Cruises, Cruise to Travel with Celestyal Cruises 

During this session you will learn how you can overcome some of the objections consumer may have to mainstream cruising by marketing and selling a niche cruise product instead.  Even though the cruise audience is in the millions and continues to grow each year, the fact is that the majority of travelers have yet to experience the benefits of a cruise vacation.  Misconceptions and misinformation tend to often stand in the way when aiming to convert this audience of skeptics or “non-believers”.   With a selection of 3, 4- and 7-day destination focused immersive and all-inclusive Cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean, Celestyal Cruises caters to a unique travelling audience.  Attracted by the destinations we feature, many of them are new to cruise and turned into “believers” upon completing their trip.  Join us for an informative session and learn how you can get more travelers in your database to become lifelong cruising fans.