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What are CLIA Cruise Counsellor Certification Credits?

To attain the designation as a CLIA Certified Cruise Counsellor (ACC/MCC/ECC/ECCS), travel agents enrolled in the CLIA Certification program must accomplish a combination of educational programming and cruise product experience. CLIA certification credits are earned through the completion of CLIA Educational Seminars and various other programs and achievements. Credits are used to satisfy various requirements of the Certification programs offered by CLIA. These include the Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC), Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC), Elite Cruise Counsellor (ECC) and Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar (ECCS).

CLIA Cruise Counsellor Certification is open to any travel agent affiliated with a current CLIA Member Agency. Travel agents attending cruise3sixty CLIA seminars will earn valuable credits towards Accredited, Master, Elite and Elite Scholar Certifications. Individual CLIA Seminars are open to all agents.

For more information about CLIA, please visit the CLIA website at www.cruising.org. For more information on the CLIA Cruise Counsellor Certification program, visit http://www.cruising.org/travelagents/public/training/counsellor/index.cfm

*NOTE: Certification credits can only be earned for CLIA Seminars not previously completed. Duplicate credit cannot be earned if a candidate has previously passed the exam for a live seminar or online program of the same title.