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I am having difficulties registering for a Ship Inspection.

Try one of the following:

  1. Check to be sure you have entered your Ship Inspection ID information.
    1. Login to Cruise360.org.
    2. Click on My Account (first navy blue bar on the left side)
    3. Click on Ship Inspection ID
    4. If blank, fill out with either Driver’s License or Passport information. You will need to show this ID when boarding the ships for all inspections.
  2. Check to be sure you haven’t already registered for the maximum number of ship inspections.
    1. The system will only allow you to register for the maximum number of ship inspections. If you would like to drop one and pick a different inspection, please see instructions on how to change your schedule under “Building Your Schedule.”
  3. Check to be sure you don’t have a time conflict with your schedule. If you have registered for CLIA seminars that take place during the scheduled time for the ship inspection, the system will not let you register for events that overlap in timing.