Kidmoto Technologies

About Us
Taxis and car services do not offer installed child car seats, and parents are helpless when traveling with small children. Child car seats are ridiculously confusing, and installing them is close to rocket science. Kidmoto is a mobile app that provides a convenient and safe alternative to lugging car seats to and from airports because flying with a car seat sucks.

Kidmoto makes it convenient and easy. It is unsafe to travel without car seats and inconvenient to travel with car seats. Parents must find a ride service to and from airports, like Kidmoto, with pre-installed child car seats.

The solution is Kidmoto, a mobile app connecting families with young children seeking airport car transportation with drivers who deliver the safety and convenience of installed child car seats. Kidmoto operates in 46 cities across the United States, making the flying experience convenient, safe, and easy for passengers with small children.