Belize Tourism Board

About Us
Belize is a beautiful country bounded on the east by the Caribbean Sea, on the north by Mexico and the west and south by Guatemala. The only English speaking country in Central America with historical ties to former British colonies in the Caribbean, Belize is the home of various hard working ethnic groups who, with their unique, rich traditions form the pillar of its vibrant tourism industry and the essence of a glowing melting pot of culture and history.
Belize is a unique tourism destination. Like its people, its attractions are diverse and exceptional. Although petite in size, Belize is gigantic in its natural attributes. It has the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, a magnificent Blue Hole, an expanse of lush tropical rainforests, numerous waterfalls, rivers, caves and white sandy beaches awashed by azure waters ideal for nature lovers. The various ancient Maya cities all over Belize provide a link to the past in understanding such complex and mysterious people that were once their inhabitants.
So, if you are looking to be pampered or interested in hiking nature trails, exploring underground caves, climbing the highest Maya temple, snorkeling in blue waters along friendly sharks, enjoying the excellent cuisine and the warmth of friendly people or relaxing under swaying palm trees along charming white sandy beaches, Belize offers you the perfect vacation and the opportunity to discover a true paradise for adventure. Discover Belize, nature’s bounty at its best!