Philippine Dept. of Tourism

About Us
The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) is a government agency established to undertake research and gather data on tourism market trends and other information; coordinate the implementation of its plans, policies and programs, including the multilateral and bilateral agreements, with National Tourism Organizations and other international associations; supervise the implementation of international tourism promotions program in their respective jurisdictions as well as provide information on the preparation of international promotions plan.

There are 24 PDOT overseas offices around the globe tasked to develop and implement programs and activities designed to promote the Philippines as a tourism destination within their areas. Three (3) out of the 24 offices are located in North America particularly in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. Canada is being handled by PDOT New York and San Francisco Offices.

The Philippines has largely been undiscovered, with its 7,641 islands providing many excellent opportunities for cruise tourism. The Philippines offers rich diversity – from ancient Spanish heritage, culture and history through bustling metropolitan centers to pristine beaches and stunning scenery. It boasts of world-class shopping, dining, gaming, and the warmest welcomes on the planet. Whatever escaped you choose, definitely it’s more fun cruising in the Philippines.

The Philippines expects not only to dramatically increase the number of transit calls, but also position itself as a much-needed alternative homeport between Singapore and China or Hong Kong.