A&J Destination Management Company

About Us
A&J DMC is a company that listens and adapts your wants and needs to create a beautiful experience.

We work with local business owners, such as taxis, restaurants and hotels to bring you quality products via yolodestinationgroup.com

Always innovating our activities and training ourselves to deliver the best service to satisfy the high demands of the market.

If there is a will, we will make a way for you!


A&J is a Destination Management Company (DMC) locally based in St Maarten, a tourism business whose function is to provide groups - and individuals, international & local - with services to meet their travel, meeting, entertainment interests and needs at a specific time and place. Our services were designed to take the headaches out of your travel and to help you enjoy to the fullest your vacation or stay-cation!


Services includes customized special events, unique theme parties, custom-tailored tours, a complete transportation service executed by a professional staff, Airport Transfers, Meet and Greet Services, Corporate Retreats, Event Planning, Excursions & Tours, Site Inspections, Ground Handling Services
Night Life Activities & Hospitality Desk