Tourism Vancouver

About Us
Tourism Vancouver is a destination marketing organization and business association representing approximately 1,000 members in tourism and related industries/activities.

Vancouver serves as the ideal port to begin or end a cruise adventure. Consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful and most livable cities in the world, Vancouver is not to be missed. With its pristine natural surroundings, cosmopolitan charm, unique attractions and neighborhoods, Vancouver provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy world class arts, international cuisine, unparalleled outdoor adventures, luxurious spas, excellent shopping, and exceptional hospitality. Surrounded by mountains, temperate rainforest, and urban beaches, while showcasing multicultural neighborhoods and unique modern architecture, Vancouver is a must for any cruise itinerary, and a stay of two to three nights pre- or post-cruise will allow your clients to truly appreciate one of the world’s finest cities.