The Butchart Gardens & Victoria Butterfly Gardens
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About Us
The Butchart Gardens is a 55 acre display garden on a 130 acre estate. Still privately owned and operated, we received designation as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2004. In the same year we celebrated our 100th anniversary. As a premier attraction which sees over a million visitors a year, we offer much for the visitor with 3 onsite restaurants, a large seed and gift store, as well as many seasonal offerings including an ice rink in the Christmas season, boat tours, entertainment and fireworks throughout the summer. The Gardens are open every day of the year.

Victoria Butterfly Gardens offer thousands of tropical butterflies (up to 70 species) flying through a large facility which is the size of almost 3 basketball courts. With surprises at every turn, you’ll encounter poison dart frogs, tortoises, large iguanas, flamingos, tropical ducks, free flying tropical birds and more. Stroll through and marvel at our lush gardens including tropical flowers, carnivorous plants and fruits of the world. Enjoy our newest exhibit, the Insectarium. Experience impressive insects & invertebrates from around the world.