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Cruise Baltic
Cruise Baltic aims to provide easy access to the world´s greatest, and probably most diverse, cruise experience. We are a network of 29 destinations in the Baltic Sea, and we are committed to constantly developing our product, always ready to add that little extra, to make the Baltic experience perfect. The diversity of the Baltic Sea region meets all expectations a guest might have. The region offers 35 unmatched UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ready to be explored.

A Baltic cruise is a trip of a lifetime, offering a truly unique mix of big cities, smaller hidden gem towns and very scenic nature.

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Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s largest turnaround port with more than half of the cruise guests starting their cruise in Copenhagen. Offering pre- & post packages to your clients cruising from Copenhagen is an ideal opportunity for you to boost your cruise sales.

Placed conveniently as the gateway to the Norwegian Fjords, to Scandinavia and St. Petersburg, the vibrant capital of Denmark is a modern and historic city, where old, colorful houses and royal castles mix with contemporary urban architecture. Copenhagen is aiming to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. The city offers clean harbor baths and relaxing green parks, New Nordic Cuisine and world-famous Danish design. The best way to explore the city is the Copenhagen way - by jumping on a bike.

Our Copenhagen experts are looking forward to inspire you to promote the wonderful experiences Copenhagen has to offer.

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