Travel Planners International

About Us
Officially…Travel Planners International is a marketing and support agency for new and experienced travel professionals. Travel agents partner with Travel Planners International for their profit-generating marketing programs, consumer connect options, negotiation power, small-business training events and time-saving back-office support. Being an advocate for the travel industry as a whole, TPI educates and connects consumers directly to their collection of specialized travel agents and preferred industry suppliers through cooperative marketing initiatives, a strong social media presence, as well as their collaborative ventures with industry associations and consortia.

Truth be told, we’re really just a group of fun, good looking peeps in Maitland, Florida who spend our days and nights dreaming and scheming of ways of we can make our family of passionate, sleep-deprived ROCKSTAR agents so happy and profitable that they go to bed at night (usually pretty darn late!) yelling NAILED IT! Our love for our industry suppliers is so deep we literally attack them every time we see them…and they love it, begging us for more.